Event Day

It's nearly on us, the Wales Round Ribbon 2024 is a week away and we can't wait to share the experience with you all. On this page you will find some information relating to collecting your tickets, some general housekeeping and other important stuff. 

Collecting your card

If you have pre-registered online, you will not be able to collect your stamp card until the day of the event. This is because your stamp card has already been marked and stamped to say you have started at that venue. To collect your card you will need the following information

An email will have been sent to you from wrr.orders@gmail.com confirming your order ID, Start Venue and instructions for the day. 

After collecting your card

You need to visit at least 4 more venues before returning to your start venue to collect your Ribbon. The theme of the ride is "Your Ride, Your Route", so we do not offer suggested routes, so you can pick any combination of venues to visit. 

Please be mindful that venues may be busy at times, and that you may need to wait at venues for drinks and food if you are stopping there. The Venue staff and Round Ribbon volunteers and supporting organisations will be working hard throughout the day, doing everything they can to ensure you have the best experience with the event as possible. 

Be Mindful

Remember this is a charity event, that is being run by volunteers and supported by both volunteer organisations and the venues and their staff. Please respect everyone you engage with during the event, even if things are taking longer than you would like. 

The Wales Round Ribbon team wants everyone to have a fun and enjoyable experience, and most importantly a SAFE time engaging with the event. We do not condone breaking any road traffic laws or riders putting themselves in unsafe situations (i.e. Overtaking on blind corners, racing each other, etc). WE are not responsible for your riding, you are. 

Some Quick FAQ's

When can I collect my pre-registration card?

You can only collect this card on the day of the event, April 7th. You will need your name, Post code or Order ID (proof of purchase) to collect your card. 

Can I change my start Venue? 

We are not able to change your start venue if you have registered online and paid for your ticket. We are also unable to change your start venue if you register for an in person ticket and then change your mind after. Each ticket has the start venue written on it and you will be told to go to your start venue before being allowed to collect a stamp from other venues. 

What time do the venues open?

All Venues have made arrangements to be open from at least 9AM until 5PM (1700), as this will be the time that the stamping stations will be manned. 

Can I swap a Ribbon for a Pin Badge? 

We have had a few people contact us asking if they could have a pin badge instead of the Ribbon. We cannot swap the Ribbon you are given at the end of your ride for a pin badge, the pin badges are a way for the Wales Round Ribbon team to get some much needed funds to allow the event to continue to grow. The Ribbons are paid for by the venues and are the reward for visiting your start point, 4 other venues and returning to your start point.