How it works

The Rules

We want everyone to have a fun and enjoyable day, and to be as safe as possible whilst joining our event. Wales Round Ribbon are not responsible for your Riding, you are, and much like many health and safety speeches, Safety starts with you. 

Wales Round Ribbon does not condone breaking road traffic laws, bad riding habits such as overtasking on double white lines. Excessive Speed, We want you to get enjoy the day which is why we say 5 venues of your choosing, We don't plan any routes for you to take because only you know what you can handle. 

How the event works

You select a start point to get your Ribbon Card and first stamp (which is also your finish point another stamp hence Wales Round Ribbon a circular route to collect six stamps across at least 5 venues) and visit at least four other venues across the day each time visiting a stamping station to collect a stamp. At your start venue you will receive a Round Ribbon call card with the full venue list. Your first stamp will be given when you collect your call card. At each subsequent venue collect a stamp. You can visit as many venues as you wish and collect as many stamps as you want but you will need to be back at your start venue by 5pm to present your card with at least six stamps to receive your ribbon award.

Stamping stations will all be open 9am till 5pm at every venue. Some venues establishments have varying opening hours for the day but all venues have agreed to be open at least for the hours of 9am to 5pm. Individual venue information will be available on Facebook nearer the day.