How will it work this year with more venues?

Can I visit more than five venues?

The principle of the event is the same as last year. You will register a start / finish venue from the list of eleven that have signed up. 

On arrival at your starting venue proceed to the round ribbon stand and collect your stamp card. Your first stamp will be that venue. Then throughout the day visit four other registered venues and visit the Wales Round Ribbon stand to receive your venue stamp. Once you have your five stamps make your way back to your start venue and receive stamp number six and your 2024 Wales Round Ribbon completion award.

If you want to add stamps and visit more venues it is up to you, it's "Your ride, Your Route" each venue has a Wales Round Ribbon Ride stand and stamp so they will gladly add stamps. However you must return to your start point before close of business to complete the round ribbon and receive your completion award.

How do I register?

This year there will be two ways you can register.

The Wales Round Ribbon website (linked on this post) is up and running. We will be trialling online registration this year for the first time. The website is a work in progress and we will announce on Facebook as soon as registration page is available. This will be the only official internet sales site of registration for the Wales Round Ribbon 2024 in aid of Wales Air Ambulance Charity.

Registration will also be available at all venues in the weeks leading up to April 7th. On site registration is cash only and may be withdrawn by the business at peak times depending on staffing issues and time management conflicts.

Why isn't it the Newburger Ring again?

Why have you changed charity?

Can we just do the Newburger Ring?

The phenomenally successful Wales Round Ribbon Ride 2023 in aid of Blood Bikes Wales was especially named the "Newburger Ring" as it was a new event, a first of its kind and there were similarities looking at the map shape on the route options to a famous race track. The principle of your ride your route stood however needing six stamps from five venues limited the routes between the venues.

We can't thank Bloodbikes Wales and it's volunteers enough for their incredible effort and support as we faced our first Wales Round Ribbon and their efforts and energy were part of the reason the event was such a success. However the initial event was an anniversary celebration for the Owl's Nest with the intention of giving back to the biking community as a thanks for it's years of support and it's mission was to unite Welsh biking venues and build relationships for the future.

When the organisers worked on the round ribbon ride and came up with the concept it was agreed we should make it annual and each year support a different charity with connections / importance to the biking community. We then spoke to bloodbikes Wales who offered advice, support, guidance and more. Whilst we think Blood Bikes Wales provide an essential service at no cost to the NHS and we know that fundraising is vital to keep them going we had to accept there are other charities that would also benefit from the funding and we chose rather than split the funds each year we would focus on a different charity each year. In the future there maybe another round ribbon ride in aid of bloodbikes Wales but a number of charities have approached us and a number of people have suggested charities they'd like us to support which will guide us annually to a chosen charity.

All venues involved in the Newburger Ring have signed up again this year so if you choose to you can revisit your 2023 route. It's "Your Ride, Your Route"

How much of the money goes to the chosen charity?

100%. (If you agree at online registration to pay the £1 card processing fee)

The venues register and at registration agree to pay the cost of all sundries required for the event and to be open on the day from 9am to 5pm. This means that all event costs, awards, stamp cards etc are paid for by the venues so every penny from registration, on the day raffles, extra donations etc go to the chosen charity.

With more venues will it cost more?

What's the registration fee this year?

Does my pillion / passenger get the award too?

The donation for registration will be the same as the 2023 Wales Round Ribbon of £10.00 per award. So if rider and pillion, car and passengers etc each want a Wales Round Ribbon completion award it will be £10 each.

Can I do it on a different day?

Can I do it over the course of a few weekends?

Can I do it during the week before / after?

We're afraid the Wales Round Ribbon is a one day event. Set in agreement by the organisers and venues. Whilst we hope you'll visit all the venues in the future to receive the Wales Round Ribbon award you must complete it between 9am and 5pm on the day.

Why isn't there set routes?

Will you publish GPX routes?

The Wales Round Ribbon Ride 2024 is "Your Ride, Your Route" with over 200 variations available of five venue option routes. Unfortunately we won't be able to suggest or manage that many routes and as each year we will be spreading further across Wales, uniting more biker venues and opening up to other areas it would be impossible to manage the volume of options available.